About Me


        My name is Lisa Adeva Samoy. I have a background in performing arts with an MFA in somatic and contemplative based performance from Naropa University.   I have certification for the Rolf Method of Structural Integration from the Guild for Structural Integration and have completed three levels of Core Synchronism training.  Also, I am a mother to three boys and have one granddaughter!

The name EarthBody holds much meaning for me. We as earth beings, our bodies are intrinsically connected to the earth as earth. Our culture’s disconnection from this understanding has been devastating to our planet as a whole, all life within. By reconnecting to our bodies within the gravitational field, we reconnect to our true nature, our natural resilience, each other, all earth. Our relationship to gravity has been a struggle as of late. The chairs we sit in, the computers we type on, the cars we drive, the shoes we wear, all these things and much more tend to compress our fascial body into inopportune postures which can cause pain, stiffness, and a general disconnection with our bodies and our world. In improving our situation, bringing our bodies to more natural comfort and awareness, we improve the situation of the earth. Within the gravitational field, the earthbody, as earth, we heal…

My great passion and spiritual practice is dance! My life path is experienced through my body, through it’s movement, it’s perceptions, it’s connection with the world. My mother was a medical doctor and my father an engineer, so my striving towards healing and wellness as well as my curiosity with the body’s workings and how to improve them are natural parts of me.  I have also been dancing with The Blue Moon Dance Company in Boulder, Colorado since April of 2015.

Ida P. Rolf envisioned the work of structural integration as evolutionary, as a method to improve the human condition. My activist heart has experienced this work as a profound change in my postural reality and my perception of myself. The work does not stop at the end of a session, but continues to integrate and potentially expand with the continuation of one’s movement through life.

Throughout my life, I have experienced chronic pain in my left shoulder behind my heart. Possibly this pain developed as I played violin from age ten through undergrad. Possibly it is tied to some trauma, ancestral, childhood, and on. During my pregnancy with my second son, I developed pain and immobility on the right side of my sacrum. The birth of my third son was induced by three cycles of pitocin, a synthetic hormone, through intravenous drip, over three days. After my youngest son’s birth, I could not recognize my body. My feet were in excruciating pain and my body was stiff and foreign to me. I had danced in a performance, though awkwardly with my size, just two weeks before. This disconnection from my body was new to me and I set out to find ways to reconnect.

Through the years I have sought many methods of care including acupuncture, massage, reiki, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and psychotherapy. All those methods are valuable and I would not be where I am today without them. They have been of immense support along my path in search of relief and healing. An orthopedist and my family doctor could find nothing to explain my pain, though the chiropractor did find bone spurring along my thoracic spine.

In the spring of 2012, I got an email posting that The Guild was looking for class models to receive 10-series from students in their final phase. My first practitioner was a chiropractor training in structural integration. From the first session, I connected with the profundity of the work! The quality of stroke was unlike that which I had experienced before, but was entirely necessary and that which I had unknowingly longed for. I had used a foam roller, massage and medicine balls, a Theracane, wall corners, whatever I could conceive might help release the tensions that caused me pain. By the end of the first session, my connection with my body was at least 30% repaired. I knew I still had very far to go, but this perception was an enormous difference from what I had walked into the session with. Throughout the next nine sessions, my body-mind connection and resilience improved greatly. By the end of my first 10-series, I knew I wanted to learn this work and share it with others.