Core Synchronism

2019 update


I have been practicing and integrating Core Synchronism, an energy modality of fluid mechanics, into my sessions for the past year and a half. In a Core Synchronism session, the life force is observed as it flows into the client’s body at bregma, top center of skull, and emerges into the cerebrospinal fluid. From there, the movement of energy and fluid flow through the chakras, bones, organs, tissues, and long/circular lines of the body may be followed by attention and intention in their opening and closing phases. When something isn’t moving, this part of the body may be “synched” with another part that is moving energetically and thus be brought back into the flow with the life force and the rest of the body.

Bringing back flow to the “dead” portions has the potential for endless benefits, including relaxation, alignment, and release of trauma.

In my personal experience when receiving this work, during one particular session, my left lung was contacted and an old trauma released, ending a thirty year on and off again tobacco addiction. I went home after that session, not knowing the profundity of what had occurred. When I picked up a cigarette, I then realized that I did not need it anymore, The intense clutching and crutching of that addiction was gone. I felt that I could step forward and be liberated.

The intelligence of the human body is ripe to heal. Through trauma and toxins, energy flow becomes blocked, impeded, or cut off. This happening in the tiniest portion of the body can have unlimited of results. In contacting the fluids in that region and encouraging them to open and flow, the body able to more fully return the process of healing and optimizing once again.

I am available for this work, in studio, on location, and at distance. This work has been effective in all three methods of place and merely requires the readiness and receptivity of the client. I look forward to meeting you with this work to aid in allowing you to accomplish yours more fully.

May bliss and liberation attain you!