“Lisa has provided a great service to my body and general well-being. In only 3 sessions, my body responded to her knowing hands and kind heart and much or my body armor and muscular tension melted away. I feel more open and relaxed, physically, emotionally and mentally. Lisa has an innate ability to create a trusting, supportive environment which helped me relax as she worked in troubled areas which are now more aligned and upright. I highly recommend her! ”

-Sheila Kelly, M.A., Embodiologist 


“Lisa is amazing. In just one hour session she unlocked and repositioned facial* and muscle that have been out of place from an injury ten years ago. This is something no massage (and I’ve had plenty) has been able to come close to matching.

I highly recommend her. Very incredible body work. I truly look forward to future sessions. ”



I just finished a “10 series” with Ms. Samoy, in about a 7 week span. This would be my 3rd “rolfing” series I’ve done in my lifetime. The other two were in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Earthbody and Ms Samoy employ a more gentle and guided session than what I remember in decades past, and I am “really” in long term alignment again! She is very diligent about balancing structure with injuries and body pain etc. I came out of her studio after 7 weeks in a condition to forego the spinal surgeries that were prescribed for me a few weeks before meeting her…”



“Lisa has been invaluable to my musculoskeletal health. I have only been seeing her for six months and already she has been able to rid me of my chronic neck and back pain. I have had decades of chiropractic and massage. But not until Lisa was able to use her training and talents to get to the root cause, was I able to have permanent relief.

I have been pigeon-toed and have had slouched shoulders almost my entire life. After one session of working on each of these areas, Lisa was able to correct the fascia and attachments that were impeding with their proper alignment, thus, allowing for my body to have its proper structure back. In other words, my feet are no longer pigeon-toed and my posture has drastically improved! Who knew that could be changed?”



“Exploring structural integration with Lisa was a true gift in my life. Since the 10 series covers the whole body from head to toe, it is an inherently vulnerable journey, and Lisa embodies a gentle grace and ease that had me feeling safe, comfortable, and cared for. Her passion and commitment to this healing modality is palpable and she brings her full presence to each session. By the end of our time together, I’d gained a heightened awareness of my body, my alignment, and an increased sense of physical and mental vitality. I am deeply grateful for her healing hands and her healing presence.”

Mike R.


“Lisa has a gift for bodywork, her positive energy shines through in all that she does. Lisa is professional and thoughtful in her practice and her work produces noticeable results. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to be at their best; whether you’re interested in recovery or maintenance, Lisa is an excellent choice.”

D. Larrabee


“I have experienced incredible structural changes through Lisa’s skillful, professional, intuitive bodywork. She released the stuck fascia in my feet to allow all three arches in each foot to be arches. For the first time in my life I have real arches in my feet! A good friend noticed this change when I visited her home! In another session Lisa was able to release the fascia under my ribs creating more space for me to breathe into. Since that session I have been able to inhale full, complete, deep breaths. Recently, I sustained a low back injury. I experienced excruciating, debilitating pain for about three weeks before I was able to see Lisa. Not only did Lisa make a special appointment because of my situation, she saved the day! Just before the session I was not able to bend over. After the session, I was able to touch my toes. Because of Lisa’s work, I was able to do a performance routine on schedule that I otherwise would not have been able to do at the time. Thank you Lisa!”

Steph B.


“I have been working with twelve year old Bruno for several months. When he was first brought to me, he had fallen down on his face and had been progressively stiff and shaky since he and his family had moved to the mountains months before. The impetus was to help him have more comfort in his aging process. Within weeks of our work he was able to climb up and down steps. Within a couple months he was climbing onto the couch. With each session he reveals more of his puppy persona in his increasing agility and adventuresome nature. What a joy to be working with people and their pet companions in this way!”

Lisa Adeva Samoy, SI/Rolf Practitioner